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May 28, 2019BY: Margaretha L. GravettIN: Divorce and Money

Money, Money, Money……

Abba’s hit song Money, Money, Money has been called the gold diggers’ anthem, and with good reason.  Sadly, the persona is mistaken in surmising that “[it] is always sunny in the rich man’s world.”  Rich or poor, anyone who has ever experienced the pain of a break-up knows that money cannot fix broken hearts.  Ironically, decisions about […]

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   For most people, choosing a divorce lawyer is a daunting task.  You are about to embark on an unfamiliar and treacherous journey, and, to make things worse, you have to do this while you are in the grip of extreme emotional turmoil. Guiding you through this traumatic life experience should be a lawyer whom […]

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Feb 20, 2017BY: Margaretha L. GravettIN: Collaborative Law

Divorce Is Like Passing A Kidney Stone

Divorce has been equated to passing a kidney stone. It hurts like crazy, it takes what seems like forever to pass, and it inevitably results in an enormous bill.  That is certainly true of a traditional litigated divorce. Luckily, divorcing couples don’t have to litigate.  These days, we have several alternative dispute resolution options at […]

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