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May 28, 2019BY: Margaretha L. GravettIN: Divorce and Money

Money, Money, Money……

Abba’s hit song Money, Money, Money has been called the gold diggers’ anthem, and with good reason.  Sadly, the persona is mistaken in surmising that “[it] is always sunny in the rich man’s world.”  Rich or poor, anyone who has ever experienced the pain of a break-up knows that money cannot fix broken hearts.  Ironically, decisions about […]

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  George Carlin said that a house is a just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.  But we know that a house is more than where we keep our stuff.  It’s where we raise our families and bring people in our lives together. In the context of […]

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Face of a child

The phrase “Attorney for the Child” sounds like an oxymoron. Why should a child need an attorney? For most people, the attorney-client relationship is a relationship between adults. It is difficult to imagine a child fully grasping principles such as attorney- client privilege or professional responsibility. Why should a child have to?

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