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Woman using meditation to help deal with the stress of divorce.

One of the most powerful tools in processing your divorce is pausing. Divorce is chaotic; your world is turned upside down. Pausing promotes balance and renewal, which is essential in helping you move forward. The collaborative divorce process is structured to accommodate pauses as part of the process and provides a safe space to work […]

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Clients ask me sometimes how I manage the stress of a divorce practice.  Listening and understanding the unique concerns and interests of my clients while navigating the complex emotions of divorce is an important foundation of my work. While I remain passionate about transforming how families resolve conflict, it can be exhausting.  Here are some […]

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Sep 18, 2017BY: Melissa GoodsteinIN: Dealing with Divorce

A Recipe For A Better Divorce

Step 1: Work with your spouse and not against your spouse. Your relationship as husband and wife may be ending however you both created this family and if you have children you will need to work together as co parents; Step 2: Select a process such as either mediation or collaborative divorce to negotiate the […]

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sad spouses with two daughters

Divorcing couples are often times forced to live together during divorce negotiations. This is especially true when there is only one significant income supporting the household and where the cost of living is high. In many cases as well, the marital home represents the biggest asset and until the house is sold and equity split […]

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