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Sep 24, 2023BY:
IN: Collaborative Divorce

Attorney Paradigm Shift: Focus on Interests and Concerns – Part 2 of 2

This is the second video of a two-part series by Ken Novenstern and Melissa Goodstein. In this video, Ken Novenstern, Esq., delves deeper into the concept of how the goals of both parties are the focus in a Collaborative Divorce.

Watch part one by Melissa Goodstein, Esq., via this link:—part-1-of-2

Ken Novenstern is a partner at Fredman Baken & Novenstern, LLP. With offices in Mount Kisco and White Plains, NY, they provide legal services including divorce, separation, custody related matters, and pre and post nuptial agreements. Learn more at

The author, Ken Novenstern, is a member of Northern Westchester Collaborative Divorce Professionals which is an association of lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial professionals specializing in the collaborative divorce process. If you have questions about collaborative divorce and how this alternative to courtroom litigation can work for you, please contact Ken Novenstern. Contact information can be found by clicking/tapping the author image or the "View Profile" link on this page.


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