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Dec 12, 2017BY: Jeff ZimmermanIN: Children and Divorce

Divorce: Who Is It About?

Divorce is one of the most stressful and difficult times. Your whole life may seem upside down and in chaos. You may have serious concerns about whether and how you and your children will be ok, and what the future will be like. Your spouse may be angry, hostile or withdrawn, and may be far […]

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One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a psychologist, both in my work as a collaborative team member and as a therapist, is how to talk to children about divorce. While there is no simple straightforward answer to the question, there are a few basic rules that parents can follow.  One is […]

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Face of a child

The phrase “Attorney for the Child” sounds like an oxymoron. Why should a child need an attorney? For most people, the attorney-client relationship is a relationship between adults. It is difficult to imagine a child fully grasping principles such as attorney- client privilege or professional responsibility. Why should a child have to?

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People commonly confuse a divorce with the end of a family. The two are not synonymous.  Marriage is created when two people enter a marital union and become spouses. Family is created when children come into the picture and the spouses become parents. Divorce is only the untying of the marital bond. The responsibilities, commitments, […]

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